The Bader Clinic in Tampa

Kinetic Research

Kinetic Research manufactures and markets the carbon fiber devices developed at The Bader Clinic to practitioners in all 50 states and many foreign nations.
Kinetic Research also provides a custom fabrication service for orthotists and prosthetists who want to fit their patients with advanced carbon fiber devices.

Wade Bader, CPO

Wade Bader, CPO image

I founded Bader Prosthetics & Orthotics in 1992 with a clinical mission of compassionate care, ethical practice and technological innovation. Since then I have helped thousands of patients and been awarded patents for advancements in the engineering and design of orthopedic devices. Our carbon fiber devices are significantly more advanced than traditional devices with higher function, lighter weight and simplicity of use.

Carbon Fiber Devices

Carbon Fiber KAFO Brace

Maximum Strength

Minimum Weight

← It weighs just 1 lb. 10 oz.!!! and it replaced a conventional device that weighed 6 lbs.

At The Bader Clinic our patients benefit by being fitted with lightweight, strong and durable carbon fiber devices.

For superior comfort, efficacy and style ask your orthopedist to prescribe our devices.